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“Honestly, the best holistic creative program out there, Minerva prepares students to excel in modern advertising.”

Aaron Gresham, Executive Creative Director, BIG Communications

David Ogilvy and Bill Bernbach walk into a bar…

The atmosphere in the bar was laid-back, loose, each patron engaged in their own little world. “What’s Going On” played on the jukebox. Then, David Ogilvy and Bill Bernbach started arguing again. Suddenly, the room held its breath. “Bill, your campaigns are as empty as this bottle of cheap whiskey,” Ogilvy landed the first punch, words first, then fist. The crisp sound of… Keep reading

Bravo, Ashton!

Ashton Jah played his senior recital to a packed Recital Hall in the Frank Moody Music Building this weekend. He’ll be graduating in May (’23) with a double major in Advertising and Music. Below is an exclusive, bootlegged video from an anonymous audience member. It shows Ashton, playing the soprano… Keep reading

Have y’all met Lary?

Mary Buzbee and Lauren Meadows are a creative dream team at Barkley, KC. They graduated in 2018 and have been doing amazing work and changing the advertising game ever since. If you haven’t already, you really need to meet Lary. It’s not just their friendship and wonderful work that makes… Keep reading

There’s two audiences.

One of the first things advertising students learn is the value of identifying a target audience. That makes sense. Before we can do much else, we need to know who we’re communicating with. So, each time you work on a brand, your first step is almost always researching the target audience. You might have learned…

Phase-Specific Creative Critique

The five stages of the creative process. Search for a definition of the creative process, and you’ll likely find article after post after video after infographic referencing these five stages: preparation, incubation, illumination, evaluation, and verification. In 1926, a social psychologist named Graham Wallas was the first to write about these stages in his book…

Dear aspiring-copywriter-student-version-of-myself,

The ugly truth is that there’s a stigma around advertising students from the south. For us, breaking into advertising means finding another way in because the front door is locked. But who needs a key when you’ve got a crowbar? As much as I hate to give Barry the satisfaction of reading these words, work…