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“Honestly, the best holistic creative program out there, Minerva prepares students to excel in modern advertising.”

Aaron Gresham, Executive Creative Director, BIG Communications

Bravo, Ashton!

Ashton Jah played his senior recital to a packed Recital Hall in the Frank Moody Music Building this weekend. He’ll be graduating in May (’23) with a double major in Advertising and Music. Below is an exclusive, bootlegged video from an anonymous audience member. It shows Ashton, playing the soprano saxophone on the left, leading his quartet members, Jackson Smith (alto saxophone), Adrian… Keep reading

Phase-Specific Creative Critique

The five stages of the creative process. Search for a definition of the creative process, and you’ll likely find article after post after video after infographic referencing these five stages: preparation, incubation, illumination, evaluation, and verification. In 1926, a social psychologist named Graham Wallas was the first to write about… Keep reading


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