They know how to think. They know how to collaborate. They know how to work hard and play nice. Find your next creative talent hire below.

These folks will be graduating soon. πŸŽ‰

β€œAs a founding member of one of the largest recruiters groups in the US, AIR, the Minerva program is frequently brought up as a valuable advertising and creative education program and a good place to recruit young talent.”

Carol Vick, Creative Recruiter

These folks have already graduated. 🍾

Grace BastyrArt Direction2023
Carlisle BallardArt Direction2022
Georgia BenishArt Direction2022
Amanda BowringArt Direction2022
Erin BrownCopywriting2022
Anna BrykczynskiArt Direction2023
Annie ChaaleCopywriting2022
Laney DavisArt Direction2022
Morgan EganCopywriting2022
Ginger EllisArt Direction2022
Aliyah GordonCopywriting2022
Mary HeglinArt Direction2022
Jack KirkendallArt Direction2023
Payton LambertArt Direction2022
Matthias MeyerCopywriting2022
Reagan NeelyCopywriting2022
Miles NetoArt Direction2022
Lexi OliverArt Direction2022
Ashton SmithArt Direction2023
Brooke TumlerArt Direction2022
Mackenzie WhitelawArt Direction2022
Tomia TeagueArt Direction2021
Morgan PruettArt Direction2021
Julia DeVriesCopywriting2021
Bryant FortenberryArt Direction2021
Sidney FortunatoArt Direction2021
Cori GreenfieldArt Direction2021
Parker HutchensArt Direction2021
Chesney JensenArt Direction2021
Sam KastelArt Direction2022
Tyler KnorowskiArt Direction2021
Georgia McGeeCopywriting2021
Kiley PeruchArt Direction2021
Alex RamirezCopywriting2021
Aaron SalomonArt Direction2021
Autumn TaylorCopywriting2021
Terry TurnerCopywriting2021
McKenzie WoodallCopywriting2021
Nicole ZikanCopywriting2021
Kylie BolyardArt Direction2020
Ramsey ChandlerArt Direction2020
Carolyn CraneArt Direction2020
Carly D’AltoArt Direction2020
Isabella HardtArt Direction2020
Crystal KilpatrickCopywriting2020
McKayla MearArt Direction2020
Katie MerifieldCopywriting2020
Blake RozasCopywriting2020
Kristen SpencerArt Direction2020
Claire SweeneyArt Direction2020
Rachel WilliamsArt Direction2020
Emily CharbonneauCopywriting2020
Emily CravenCopywriting2020
Lauren BellamyArt Direction2019
Taylor ClarkCopywriting2019
Nataleigh DangCopywriting2019
Anna DodsonArt Direction2019
Callie EarlesArt Direction2019
Cole FriederArt Direction2019
Caroline GreenArt Direction2019
Julia HallArt Direction2019
Sam HughesArt Direction2019
Andy JoyceCopywriting2019
Jake NelsonArt Direction2019
Jacob PerrymanCopywriting2019
Annie SparrowArt Direction2019
Hannah TaylorArt Direction2019
Walker BowenCopywriting2018
Alisha BranchArt Direction2018
Mary BuzbeeCopywriting2018
Carol ClarkArt Direction2018
Emeline EarmanArt Direction2018
Charlotte FrankArt Direction2018
Katie GrecoArt Direction2018
MK HolladayCopywriting2018
Alexia KorteArt Direction2018
Caroline LancasterCopywriting2018
William LeCroyArt Direction2018
Caleb LedbetterCopywriting2018
Leanne McCulloughArt Direction2018
Lauren MeadowsArt Direction2018
Rick MolinaroCopywriting2018
Caleb MoonArt Direction2018
Georgia MurphyCopywriting2018
Sydney PellegriniCopywriting2018
Avery SlotinArt Direction2018
Rashad SmithArt Direction2018
Vanessa SuarezCopywriting2018
Elizabeth SwartzCopywriting2018
Nelle ThomasCopywriting2018
Kristen WallaceArt Direction2018
Lexi WarrenCopywriting2018
Hannah WeeksArt Direction2018
Ryan ArthArt Direction2017
Britt BuzanArt Direction2017
Ashle’ ColstonArt Direction2017
Sydney EstillArt Direction2017
Joanna GaylardCopywriting2017
Serenity LamprakesArt Direction2017
Olivia LedbetterCopywriting2017
Larissa MageraCopywriting2017
Molly MartinArt Direction2017
Elise OttCopywriting2017
Allie PetkoCopywriting2017
Shea Van SicklerArt Direction2017
Brett VangordenArt Direction2017
Lauren WilhelmArt Direction2017