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Below is a running list of student advertising/creativity awards/competitions. If you know of one that should get added to the list, please let me know. When submitting work done as part of Minerva to any of these awards/competitions, please let me know prior to hitting submit.

The One Club’s Young Ones
This is what we work on in Portfolio III. Student teams answer a client brief. Winners are awarded merits or a bronze, silver, or gold pencil. This is the competition that advanced portfolio Minerva students work on each spring semester.

Art Director’s Club
💰$45 (?)
ADC Cubes are for professionals only but students can be awarded Cubes through the Young Ones competition as well. It’s confusing, I know. Cubes are awarded to work that demonstrates the highest level of craft.

Cannes Lions / Future Lions
Student teams answer a client brief. Four winning teams are granted full access to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and pitch their idea to the client live on stage. The client chooses one idea to win the Future Lions Grand Prix and make it reality.

American Advertising Awards (ADDYs)
💰$35 (Minerva pays)
Student work can be awarded silver, gold, judge’s choice, and best of show awards. Students must submit work at the local level first. Then, silver and gold winners are forwarded to the district level. From there, silver and golds are forwarded to the national level. Normally, the submission and forwarding fees for this competition is covered by the Department of Advertising and Public Relations.

Crowbar Awards
From the folks at Breaking & Entering. Briefs and guest judges are announced quarterly. Participants develop a cohesive strategy, plan, and execution for how they will break that quarter’s brand problem. The Breaking & Entering team along with the guest judge will acknowledge the top 4 participants with a crowbar, networking opportunities, and an appearance on the Breaking & Entering Podcast.

Applied Arts Awards
💰$30/single, $40/series (up to three images), and $45/campaign
The Applied Arts Student Awards competition is open to high school and post-secondary students completing a degree/diploma studying in a creative-arts programs like Minerva

Young Shits
The Young Shits is an advertising contest for creatives that’s judged by young professionals. The prize is being able to brag that you’re a Young Shit and you get a real human connection with an industry pro.

D&AD New Blood Awards
The D&AD New Blood Awards is open to advertising, design, digital and marketing students, recent graduates and young creatives worldwide. The awards here are once again, pencils (and glory).

NYF Advertising Awards
New York Festivals Advertising Awards are not brief-based, but rather, you can just submit your best work. It’s one of the more expensive competitions out there, but the award was designed by Stefan Sagmeister and looks really cool.

Clio Awards
Another pricey entry fee, but the Clio Awards are a very well respected competition that celebrates bold work that propels the advertising industry forward, inspires a competitive marketplace of ideas and fosters meaningful connections within the creative community.

Ads of the World
Submit your work for a chance to have it published on the site. It’s tough to make the cut, but that’s what makes it special when it happens.

Communication Arts Student Showcase
Just create a profile and portfolio on Creative Hotlist, the career site from Communication Arts, and your work could be published in an issue of Communication Arts.

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